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Treatment of Osteoarthritis

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By: Samantha deCastro

When treating conditions that are progressive like osteoarthritis, the main goals include pain reduction and maintaining the ability to function.
Treatments can vary, but below are the options you and your practitioner can discuss:

  • Massage therapy: this can include hydrotherapy, heat, and hot tubs
  • Adjustments: This will help with joint mobility and can relieve pain. Traction can be a good option to unload the joints
  • Electrotherapy: Used as pain management, can include IFC, MENS, TENS
  • Acupuncture
  • Diet: Improving diet, weight control, anti-inflammatory diet, glucosamine supplementation
  • Surgery: Only considered in severe cases when conservative treatment fails
  • Rehabilitative exercises: Increase fitness, maintain joint health, maintain muscle strength and ability.

The prognosis for OA is good, as we have significant tools to help with pain relief and maintaining important daily function. It is not a curable condition but working with a knowledge practitioner can help slow the progression and keep you happy and healthy for longer!
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