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Reasons To Continue Chiropractic Maintenance Care

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So, you have been under a Chiropractor’s care for a few weeks, and you are out of pain! Congratulations! So that means you can stop coming in, right?
While it is your choice whether to continue care or not, here are some reasons why continuing on with maintenance care with your chiropractor can be of benefit!

  1. Continue your progress-tissue can take up to 2 years to heal completely, depending on the injury
  2. Prevent relapse-depending on your initial concern, returning to your normal activities can put you at risk for a return of the pain
  3. Preventative care-like getting your teeth cleaned regularly, spinal hygiene is important too!
  4. Save money-overall continuing care in a maintenance capacity saves money, in comparison to only addressing problems as they come up.
  5. Education-your chiropractor is a wealth of information! By coming in for maintenance care, you can continue to tap into their knowledge base.
  6. Feel good!


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