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Sleep Series-Why Can't I Sleep?

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By: Samantha deCastro

There are several reasons that can lead to lack of quality sleep. Take a look through the list below and note which speak to you. In the following articles we will discuss what can be done about them!
Physical Conditions: This can be anything from heartburn, to Restless Leg Syndrome, to headaches and general body pains.
Pregnancy: For any of my momma’s out there, you know what I mean. The changes in your body, the growing human inside of you, the nausea, the anxiety, can all affect sleep.
Mental Conditions: Horrible days at work, children having a difficult time, spouse has lost their job, anxiety, depression, seasonal affective disorder. The list goes on. Whether you have been diagnosed with a condition or are having a rough patch, mental health greatly impacts sleep.
Sleep Environment: Do you have 3 little ones who like to raid your bed at all hours of the night? A partner who snores and has nightmares? Pets who come and go as they please? A bed that is lumpier than a bag full of marbles? All of these things can impact sleep.
Diet and Exercise: are you having caffeine after 2pm? Eating that last piece of pie right before you slide under the covers? Did you have a hockey game at 11pm and struggle to wind down? Timing of food intake, types of food as well as exercise can all make falling asleep just that much harder
Medications: Some medications have side effects that include insomnia. Check with your doctor if you are taking any medications or supplements to determine if there is something that can be done to offset this.
Check back next week for the cycles of sleep and why they are so important!

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