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Chiropractic care is for all ages, including children! From the moment they enter the world, chiropractic can be utilized for the pediatric population.
Your child does not need to have symptoms to come in and see us. We can also do wellness checks, and track the development of their bones, nerves and muscles as they grow.
Children have distinct needs, and pain is typically not the primary symptoms, so it can be difficult to tell when a child needs to see a chiropractor.
Things to look out for include postural changes, breastfeeding/turning their head to one side only, balance/coordination issues, and any limps or changes in how the walk.
Treatment is similar to what we use for adults, but the amount of force and the technique used are altered depending on the child, their size and why they are coming into the office.
If you are interested in having your child come in for an assessment, ask reception which chiropractor sees pediatric patients and get scheduled in today!

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