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Workplace Accident? We Are Here to Help

If you have experienced an injury in the workplace, we understand how difficult it can be to find comfort again. At Optimum Wellness Centres, we are committed to helping you work through an injury and getting you back to feeling normal.

After experiencing an injury in your workplace, we recommend getting assessed as soon as possible. The sooner you can begin treatment, the more your chances are maximized of making a full recovery.

The type of therapy you’ll need depends on the injury itself. You can book an appointment with one of our Chiropractors or Physiotherapists at any time without a referral.

WCB – Alberta

The Workers’ Compensation Board helps Albertans get the services and treatments they need to return to work. If you need additional support, visit their website to file a claim or to get more information.

WSIB – Ontario

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board is an excellent resource for Ontarians to get the help they need after a workplace injury. Please visit their website for more information on how you can get the assistance you need.

Coverage & Direct Billing

Majority of the Canadian Health Insurance providers reimburse partial or all the fees for Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage, Psychological support, and other rehabilitation services we provide.

Our Clinic Assistants can help you confirm your coverage


Need Help Choosing the Right Service?

A no-obligation conversation with one of our friendly support team members will help you determine the Right Service, before you book an appointment.

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