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Dr. Ed Palichuk


Joined team: March 31, 2009

Location: Canyon Meadows

Language: English

Services: Chiropractic

Modalities: A.R.T., Activator, Shockwave Therapy, Spider Taping

Dr. Ed Palichuk has been practicing in Calgary, Alberta, since 1992. His post-secondary education began at the University of Alberta, where he completed a Bachelor of Science in genetics with distinction. He then attended the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic.

He has chaired an occupational health and safety committee, served with the Alberta Practice Review Board, assisted with the Provincial Chiropractic Examination Committee, and sat on the Board of Directors for Child Find Alberta.

Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Jennifer, and has two beautiful children. He keeps active both playing and coaching hockey and working out and enjoying the outdoors through biking, skiing, and hiking.

Dr. Yang-Bee (Sarah) Lee

T.C.M.D., RAc

Joined team: November 19, 2018

Location: Canyon Meadows

Language: English/Korean/Japanese

Services: Traditional Chinese Medicine

Modalities: Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage, Acupuncture

Sarah grew up in Seoul, South Korea. Having had her grandmother and father specialize in Acupuncture and herbs in Korea and Japan, Sarah grew up in a holistically centered environment, from which she earned her passion for Eastern medicine.

Sarah has studied Advanced Acupuncture techniques from world-class master acupuncturists in California, U.S.A. She also successfully finished her internship at the Disney Family Cancer Centre in L.A in 2019.

Sarah effectively treats pain, sports injuries, and neuromusculoskeletal disorders. With many years of nursing experience in hospital settings, Sarah also treats a variety of internal diseases and gynecological disorders.

Even when she is busy, Sarah remembers to schedule time for running, hiking, swimming, and yoga, as she is aware of the importance of first having a balanced lifestyle for herself in order to heal others through her treatments.

Margaret Maidment

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Joined team: August 2, 2021

Location: Canyon Meadows

Language: English

Services: Psychology

Modalities: Counselling, psychology (psychodynamic CBT solution-focused narrative, ACT) Art therapy, trauma, PTSD, Children’s behavioral issues, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, Loss, Dementia, Life transitions, End of life issues.

Margaret Maidment is a graduate of the Master of Counselling and Art Therapy program (MC: AT) from Athabasca University and the Vancouver Art Therapy Institute. She has worked with children in the private school system and older adults in hospice and at-home care. Margaret has also worked with the Canadian Armed Forces to create presentations about coping skills for post-deployment stress and post-traumatic stress disorder. Margaret uses art therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and solution-focused therapies to help clients with the healing process. She focuses on building the client’s coping and problem-solving skills to address client issues and helping the client to adapt to changes in their lives. Margaret works with children, adolescents, adults, and older adults.

Margaret specializes in treating:
Anger management, abuse, relationship enhancement
Adolescent issues with behavioral retraining, bullying, parent-adolescent relationships, isolation, depression, suicidality
Anxiety spectrum disorders: post-traumatic stress, social anxiety, panic attacks, life-transition stress, nightmares/terrors
Caregiver issues with relationship strain, burn-out, depression
Depression (chronic and seasonal), grief and loss, and end-of-life issues.

Jo-Ann Alagano


Name: Jo-Ann Alagano

Joined team: September 6, 2022

Location: Canyon Meadows

Language: English

Services: Registered Massage Therapist

Modalities: Deep Tissue Massage, Hydrotherapy, Joint Mobilization, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Pre& Post-natal Massage, Relaxation Massage, Swedish Massage, Therapeutic Massage, and Trigger points.

Jo-Ann is a Registered Massage Therapist and a recent Graduate from East west College of Business and Technology in Calgary where she finished his 2245 hrs of Massage Therapy Diploma recently.

She is an active member of the Canadian Massage & Manual Osteopathic Therapists Association. Jo-Ann is passionate about Massage Therapy. She received such good care and relief from massages that it triggered her to learn more about massage therapy and eventually got herself registered in the Massage Therapy program in Calgary.

Jo-Ann offers deep tissue massages, hydrotherapy, joint mobilization, manual lymphatic drainage, myofascial release, pre & post-natal massager relaxation massage, Swedish massage, therapeutic massage, and trigger points. She is driven by a strong desire to help her clients achieve optimal health and function as quickly and efficiently as possible. She believes that this goal is best achieved with a thorough examination, effective treatment planning, targeted treatments, continual reassessment, and appropriate remedial exercise.

Mahdi Diab


Name: Mahdi Diab

Joined team: February 6, 2023

Location: Canyon Meadows, Marlborough

Language: English, Arabic

Services: Massage Therapy

Modalities: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Joint Mobilization

Mahdi Diab “Diab” completed the 3-year Advance Massage Therapy diploma program at Algonquin college. Accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness are the “bread and butter” to Diab’s practice where he skillfully implements many different massage techniques specific to his patient’s chief complaints. Through his science-based assessments, he tailors his treatment plans individually for the ultimate wellness of his patients. His passion is massage therapy and for his patients to live a healthy, pain-free life. When Diab isn’t in the clinic you will find him in the gym or doing anything fitness related. 

Stanley Zuidwyk

Certified Pedorthist

Joined team: June 2021

Location: All Locations

Language: English

Services: Certified Pedorthist

Modalities: Foot and Lower Limb

Stanley has been treating patients in the medical profession for 32 years and started in the custom foot orthotic field 22 years ago. His passion for pedorthics drives his ability to find helpful solutions and share educational information with his patients. He strives to provide the best possible experience in foot care. His patients regularly comment on his thoroughness and attention to detail in his assessments which include an analysis of posture, biomechanical gait movement patterns, and lower extremity musculoskeletal function. Video gait analysis provides the ability to visually show the patient exactly when and where their imbalances occur. He encourages his patients to participate in their own recovery by taking the time to educate them about their medical condition, footwear selection, orthotics, and home rehabilitation programs.

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